My Time Our Time

A campaign by Novartis dedicated to supporting those living with advanced breast cancer (aBC) by raising awareness of the everyday realities they experience.

For women living with advanced breast cancer, we know that time is important. Time to be spent living. Time to be with loved ones. Time to be present.

Explore the website to hear from key voices in the healthcare professional and patient advocacy communities, as well as women living with aBC, to learn more about the campaign.

The Invisible Woman


Uncover the true impact of advanced breast cancer on women, families, society and the economy across Europe

The Invisible Woman is a policy-driven initiative which aims to drive change for women living with advanced breast cancer. There currently remains no cure for the disease, and women who live with the aBC are faced with a range of personal, social and economic challenges. All of which can greatly impact their ability to work and carry out daily tasks.

The initiative comprises two reports: one conducted in 2013 and the most recent in 2019. The 2019 report aims to provide clear comparisons that help highlight progress made since the first report was published. It is our hope that the results of the latest research will encourage aBC stakeholders to take action to improve the levels of care and support for those affected by the disease.

An immersive installation that brings the voices of women living with breast cancer to life was launched at ABC5. You can explore the virtual version of the installation by clicking the link below:



An exploration of the importance of time for women with advanced breast cancer through the medium of art.

If you are living with advanced breast cancer, you know that time gives you cherished opportunities to continue enjoying your life, fulfilling your purpose amongst loved ones, in your communities, at your workplace, in the world.

My Time Our Time Artivsm (art + activism) is an artistic campaign featuring different forms of art created by artists, patients and advocacy groups from across Europe. All of which explore the uniquely personal meaning of time. Discover the initiative by clicking the link below:


Our Commitment to Women with aBC

At Novartis, women living with advanced breast cancer matter.

Breast cancer remains the number one cause of cancer death in women in Europe, claiming the lives of more than 150,000 women in 2018. Most of these deaths are a result of complications from recurrent metastatic disease.

Approximately 5-10% of women are at an advanced stage at diagnosis, while about 30% of those initially diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer will go on to develop advanced disease.

With one of the broadest portfolios and largest number of advanced breast cancer compounds in development, breast cancer is a priority for Novartis.

We recognise that patient care is more than offering a treatment. For this reason, we call on our 30-year heritage and expertise as industry leaders in breast cancer to contribute to the progress of how women living with this disease are supported in their day to day lives.