Here & Now launches in Dubai in collaboration with the Friends of Cancer Patients charity

In Dubai, the art installation was supported by the Friends of Cancer Patients charity and included the stories of European patients. Members of the public and the media attended the I Am Not The Cancer event which took place in December 2014. Those attending the event heard from patient advocates, friends and family of women living with ABC and experts in the field.

The event helped to increase awareness of ABC in Dubai by drawing attention to the campaign in both English and Arabic media.

Interviews with the artists John Wynne and Timothy Wainwright and footage of the art installation featured on a local TV channel, City 7 Dubai.

I Am Not The Cancer art installation is a huge success in Cyprus

In November 2014, the art installation (see below) launched in Cyprus and attracted approximately 280 visitors including the First Lady, Ms Andri Anastasiades, and the Head of the National Cancer Committee. The installation provided an opportunity for the local patient organisation, Europa Donna Cyprus, and its patient members to share their stories and the key issues they want the government to address.

The event in Cyprus also generated significant publicity for the Here & Now campaign with media coverage including local TV stations playing a video of the installation on their evening news bulletin. This helped to raise awareness of ABC and the need to better support women living with the condition.

Photos from the art installation in Cyprus

‘Soy Yo, No El Cáncer’ art installation launches in Madrid

The Spanish art installation, Soy Yo, No El Cáncer took place from 4th-5th December 2014. Unlike in the original installation, attendees listened to the women’s stories through headphones as they sat and watched the women on screen. Women living with ABC from three countries across Europe featured in the Soy Yo, No El Cáncer installation dubbed by professional voiceover artists.

Guest speakers at the event at the Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid included high-profile breast cancer oncologists and psycho-oncologists, members of medical societies and the President of the Federación Española de Cáncer de Mama (currently an ABC patient herself). Before the installation opened to the general public presentations were made to the media and the oncology community on a range of topics including challenges in ABC treatment, as well as the psychological needs of HCPs and emotional needs of patients.

I Am Not The Cancer art installation - 'Nie jestem rakiem' - launches in Poland

On 14 November 2013, the I Am Not The Cancer art installation was shown in Warsaw, Poland, at a meeting involving patient organisations and media representatives. The art installation took place at a unique venue – a disused swimming pool, which created an impactful experience for visitors. At the meeting, the Here & Now patient and carer survey findings from Poland were presented to delegates to inform discussions about ways of improving support for ABC patients. The patient and carer research found that patients in Poland experience greater financial hardship following an ABC diagnosis compared to the European average. It also found that in Poland and rest of Europe, patients’ ability to fulfil an active role in their home life and the wider community falls significantly.

The event was covered by over 37 media outlets across print, television and radio outlets which drew attention to the campaign and helped to raise awareness of advanced breast cancer in Poland.

I Am Not The Cancer installation and work from local artists mark launch of Here & Now campaign in Greece

On 28 November 2013, the Here & Now art installation was shown at an event in Athens, Greece, attended by over 100 delegates including media representatives, healthcare professionals and local patient organisation members. During the event, the Here & Now patient and carer survey results from Greece were presented, leading to widespread reporting in local print and online media.

The event included an exhibition featuring artwork from 10 Greek female artists of different disciplines (painting, sculpture, construction and photography) who expressed their thoughts on ABC based on the experiences of patients from their social or working environments.

The meeting generated significant publicity for the campaign, with over 140 social media posts, over 130 online and print articles and 23 broadcast features.

“Venus of Willendorf” replica highlights the impact of breast cancer in Austria

In 2015, in partnership with the Vienna Natural History Museum, the Here & Now team in Austria launched a campaign to highlight not only what a breast cancer diagnosis really means for women but also the stigma that is felt by those affected.

"Venus of Willendorf" is the symbol of femininity and fertility and is thought to have been created between 28,000 and 25,000 BC. To increase awareness of breast cancer in Austria, a replica of the statue, with its right breast removed, was displayed at the museum. Whilst only 11cm high, the statue made for an impressive, eye-opening and emotional picture of the impact a breast cancer diagnosis can have.

The statue will be on display at the Vienna Natural History Museum until 31 January 2016.

Nautural History Museum Director, C. Köberl, patient, C. Fischer, Medical Director of Novartis Oncologly, I. Winiger and Prof. C. Singer, AKH Wien presented the Venus of Willendorf replica during a press conference in the Vienna Natural History Museum.

Yo aquí y ahora: ejercicio y nutrición en cancer de mama: Nutrition and activity guides launched for Spanish ABC patients

To support women living with ABC in Spain the Yo aquí y ahora (Here & Now) campaign created an activity and nutrition guide, designed for women living with ABC, complete with recipe book and DVD. The materials were developed in conjunction with a number of healthcare professionals including oncologists, nurses and specialist nutritionists to ensure the content met the unique needs of this group of women.

A number of meetings were held across Spain during which the guide was presented and Michelin-starred chefs demonstrated some of the recipes. More than 400 patients attended these sessions alongside healthcare professionals and local patient groups.

The activity and nutrition guides can be accessed here.

Cyprus Nurses Association runs workshop on how to manage the emotional impact of treating ABC

Following the results of the Here & Now Healthcare Professional Survey in June 2015, the Cypriot findings, alongside the European level results, were presented at a roundtable meeting attended by the local medical community. Physicians, nurses, psychologists and patient group representatives came together to discuss the needs of healthcare professionals and the challenges they face when treating ABC patients.

The survey revealed a major need for training and support for healthcare professionals on how to manage the psychological and emotional impact of treating patients with ABC - a sentiment that was echoed by all participants. As a result, the Cyprus Oncology Nurses Association ran a workshop in parallel to their annual meeting in October to provide guidance on coping emotionally with treating ABC patients. With support from Novartis Oncology and in collaboration with two psychologists, the Association organised a pilot workshop involving 30 participants. There was huge interest from nurses to attend and given its success, the Association has decided to run the workshop on an annual basis.